3 for £14 - Basic Pouch Covers
3 Pouch Covers in any combination of Basic Fabrics
Price: £14.00
Fabric type/s:
Waterproof Pouch Shower Cap
Waterproof Pouch Cover, elasticated and made from synthetic waterproof fabric. (Available in Red, Blue and Green - now a deeper Emerald colour like the text). UK postage charged. Europe £3.65, Elsewhere £4.95. Email me please.
Price: £6.95
Mini Coverlet
NEW Small 'Coverlet' with elasticated aperture designed to fit snuggly over an empty folded-up/in pouch for bedroom acrobatics. Available in all the fabrics but shown in 'Lilac Satin' and 'Baby Pink Satin' - please state diameter measurement of 'aperture' required. UK postage rate charged. Europe £3.65, Elsewhere £4.95.
Price: £6.95
Fabric Type:
Aperture Diameter measurement:
Lace Top Cover
NEW Covers with Lace top layer - several Base colours and several Lace colours - build your own combination. UK Postage rate charged. Europe £3.65, Elsewhere £4.95.
Price: £6.95
Base fabric colours: Black, White, Cerise, Lilac, Turquoise, Red, Pale Pink, Royal Blue:
Lace colours: Blue, Lilac, Red, Pink, White, Green, Black:
BASIC Pouch Cover
1 Pouch Cover in any Basic Fabric, with Pillowcase Opening for draining unless stated otherwise.
Price: £5.95
Fabric Type:
These are a new idea whereby you choose from the 8 Base Colours and then choose a Lace colour from the 7 listed above to make one of loads of the different combinations that can be created. The photo shows just 3 possibilities.
We carry a wide range of Fabrics and Designs to suit a variety of budgets, personalities and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call  for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. N.B. Fabrics change  so please check for availability and for details of any new ones. NB Sold-out of; 'Cars', 'Snoopy', 'Pink Polkas'. 'Cupcakes' fabric is now Green, not Pink (see below) and 'Camo' fabric has changed - newer photo at the top. Fabrics last updated 20/09/15.


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