STOMA POUCH COVERS - Covers for Ileostomy, Colostomy & Urostomy Pouches

This is a neat idea I came up with so that ladies can design their own Pouch Covers to go with their undies, outfit or just the kind of day they're having. With a choice of 8 'Base' fabrics (plain polycottons) and 7 'Top' Lace fabrics there are loads of combinations to be had - I've just shown 3 here - Blue on White, Red on Black and White on Lilac. Same dimensions as the other Basic and Deluxe covers or they can be custom-fitted to your particular pouch type.


'BASE' Fabrics:

Royal Blue, Cerise, Lilac, Turquoise, Black, Red, Pale Pink, White, Cream (New).
'TOP' Lace Fabrics:
Blue, Lilac, Red, Pink, White, Green, Black
1 Lace Pouch Cover
Design your own combination of Lace on Base fabric
Price: £6.95
Which colour Lace on which colour Base Fabric?:
3 Lace Pouch Covers for £16
Build your own fabric combination of 3 Lace Pouch Covers
Price: £16.00
Which colour Lace/s on which colour fabric/s?:
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